Meet Peter Cedeno, the lawyer accused of raping a client

It is really unfortunately this, however, even though we are in 2019, the entire world and its society are still filled with injustice, discrimination, privilege, and also sexism. And many people, maybe even a person, dear reader, will try to deny this under the assertion that ‘nowadays, men and women have the identical rights as well as privileges’, which is, in addition, false. Why is it false? Simple; because, if it was accurate, women wouldn’t be suffering the consequences of men privilege everyday. An example of here is the case of Peter Cedeno|Peter Cedeno & Associates, a lawyer contracted by AtesaPacelli, a woman hoping to get divorced from her harassing husband. One thing with Cedeno is the fact that he required advantage of Pacelli’s vulnerable and vulnerable state in order to manipulate the girl and, ultimately, abuse the girl.

This all started out when, one day, Pacelli reached out to Cedeno because the lady was in will need a lawyer, for him in order to represent the woman’s in what your woman calls any “highly contentious” divorce through Anthony Pacelli, her former husband. The issue with this case resides inside the fact that people are judging the woman’s instead of him or her, as if Pacelli was guilty for her own raping, disregarding the fact that Cedeno enjoyed her mind, manipulating as well as forcing her into dealing with that situation, taking advantage of just how affected the girl mental state had been. And yes, simply by reading this write-up, you may feel that we are opinionated, but, as soon as you read the whole story relating to this divorce lawyer and the mental and psychological tricks that he applied on her client, you’ll learn the reason behind our own point of view with this topic which specific circumstance.

It is worth mentioning in which, in case that you might be one of those skeptical people who think it is really hard to think an strike virgin if you’re not able to validate each and every single among the facts as well as situations all on your own in order to make certain that you are not being manipulated, an individual don’t have to worry, due to the fact by going to you will be completely in a position to read precisely what you have to know concerning the case. This particular being mentioned, don’t stay at the rear of, go to this web page and get totally informed about this situation and the reasons why Peter Cedeno& Associates is certainly going downhill thus quickly.

Posted on February 14, 2019